Daughter of Jerusalem

by Sister Sinjin

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When at last we were free It seemed like a dream Then our mouths filled with laughter On our lips there was song Alle – alleluia They said what marvels The lord worked for them Indeed we were glad We were free They go out, they go out They go out full of tears They come back, they come back They come back full of song Deliver us from our bondage As streams in dry land Those who sow in tears Will sing when they reap Glory to the Father Glory to the Son Glory to the Holy Spirit Three in one Alle – alleluia
Lead Me 04:19
For thirty-seven years I walked an open road The sky grew dark, the wind blew, and the river rose I wakened from a dream into a lonely wood I needed to get home but didn’t think I could One way the water’s too high One way the dam just broke Somebody take my hand Lead me where I do not wish to go Lead me where I do not wish to go Dust upon my skin I waded to the pool Water washed all over me; I found it good Water from the font it cleansed my heart and blood I lift my eyes, my head was raised above the flood O What spirit came o’er me when I reached the shore? I thought maybe I could see my home once more Trembling through the woods but not lost anymore Spirit, water, blood the three in one accord
Away, away no feast today My father’s house is weeping Arise, arise little girl your eyes Not dead but merely sleeping
She wears a long white dress – linen pin-tucks and love knots For the smallest years of her life Still so large, the promise of heaven Her second birth in a short, short life Beloved daughter, Oh, Daughter of Jerusalem Beloved daughter, Oh, Daughter of Jerusalem Her body so new but still so thirsty She consumes and grows See how her lips lead to the right and left searching Everyone goes looking; nobody knows Trace a cross on her brow; anointed in oil Chrism so sweet on her skin She is blessed, she is bathed, the candles are lit A holy wind rushes in Let us go to that house, we stand at the gate Rejoice and sing Have no fear die and rise with the Holy Ones Wear the robe of a King
Goodbye 04:06
You've been gone for only hours In a casket made of wood When no one else could save you I thought maybe I still could Only let me try We just need more time I lay myself across your memory Your lips are stiff against my own It's unsettling how quickly A body becomes cold Can you feel my breath? I'll share what I have left You told me just last Tuesday You're feeling better all the time Maybe it's easier for you but For me it's harder when you lie You never said goodbye You never said goodbye How long must we live In the midst of death? How long ‘til this earth Comes to life again?
Willow 03:41
I'll wait for you beneath the willows As they weep into the stream I'll cover you like the branches That shelter us with their leaves Do you know why the willows weep? There's nothing left to say I cannot make you stay But I know why the willows weep I waited long beneath the willows But they weep not for me Weep for yourselves and your children As they carry me to the tree Do you know why the willows weep? But I know why the willows weep
Some, Some glow gold Like the sun in the morning Warm light in the cold Frozen earth ever warming All these things fall So let’s glow Some, Some burn orange Overcome with desire Stirring ash and dust ‘Til the smoke turns to fire All these things fall So let’s burn Some, some bleed red Loose the sins you confess Breathe, breathe your last It’s too late to fear death All these things fall So let’s bleed Some, Some live on Buried deep, now unfold Springing from the past Come find your way home All these things fall Let’s go home
Reach out, reach out the hem of his cloak One touch will heal the bleeding Press in, press in the crowd draws near Your faith the pow’r is heeding
Pink sunrise Morning demon wakes her Have you set your heart Against the day? O foolish girl You have it all And even what you have Will go away Get behind her Get behind her Get behind her She has a new name Sun full bore Noonday devil Whispers in her ear Does your right hand know What your left is doing? You should live your life in fear Lemon balm night Lucifer spoke to her Are you faithful My dove? Spider webs in the Golden hour She’s a harlot And worth no love
You fill the room with the echo of your voice Or in my ear you can whisper and rejoice All is not lost Follow my voice If it soothes you You spin around surveying all you’ve won But pull yourself into the orbit of my sun All is not lost Follow my voice If it soothes you We all need a little comfort We are creatures after all We all need a little comfort Sweet, sweet comfort You could drown in a sea of all you know But here you grasp for my hand against the flow All is not lost Follow my voice If it soothes you You take your pick of the fruit upon the earth Or lay it down as an offering at my hearth All is not lost Follow my voice If it soothes you
I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger Traveling through this world of woe And there’s is no sickness, toil, or danger In that bright world to which I go I'm going there to see my Father I’m going there no more to roam I'm only going over Jordan I'm only going over home I know dark clouds will gather 'round me I know my way is rough and steep But beauteous fields arise before me Where God's redeemed their vigils keep I'm going there to see my Mother She said she'd meet me when I come I'm only going over Jordan I'm only going over home
Rain 03:53
When you went away The rain came in your place And I asked it to stay It rolls off of my skin But I want to let it in Could it wash away my sin? We prayed, we prayed the rain would come With our hands up to the sky we begged the clouds Then it came and we pleaded "go away" But the rain is coming down It’s coming down I reach in for spoons and knives Soapy water bent with light I can wash away the night The rain stays behind the glass ‘Til it pours and hard and fast Will it fill me up at last? Your voice was full and warm In the calm before the storm Now we've both been used and worn Through the rain’s persistent noise Can you still hear my voice? We always have a choice
Behold, behold a treasure in gold From surplus wealth be driven Amen, amen two coins dropped in Yet all your wealth hath given
Porous 03:16
Left my skin in my native place Now I can’t go home No prophet is welcome without a face I am only bone I’ve become more porous But it weighs me down Like running in water or trying to fly When you’re pressed in stone I walk through every open door Blind to my way out Closed doors don’t beckon anymore I live beside my doubt Darkness over the abyss Wind over water blew Maybe I shouldn’t want to go there —to the beginning—but I do Day’s last light is so lovely


released June 29, 2018


all rights reserved



Sister Sinjin Indianapolis, Indiana

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